When you are going to build a house, the first thing you gotta install is a toilet at the construction site. That is very important for you to feel comfortable for as long as the construction continues.

I have seen garbage collection problems in many countries during the travel. In the worst case, the city doesn’t come for collecting at all, and people just throw garbages away literally anywhere. Poor thing, the people today have a life style to keep consuming but don’t have a reliable system to throw away a thing. We are better off to have a garbage collecting system if we are to produce non-reusable products.

That kept in my mind during the travel, I decided to make a compost at my  house after coming back to Japan! Do what you can do slowly, right? A compost is great when you have leaves, kitchen garbages, and a garden to use the leaf mold.

On top of it, I have a friend who gave me the wooden boards for free! His name is Taku-chan. He lives close to my house and we went to the same junior high school. I asked him to give me the wooden boards that he doesn’t need anymore so that I can make a compost, but he and his family ended up helping me and making most of it having in mind that it would be faster, easier, and simply better than me making it. My husband measured the length of the boards then I cut them by a machine. Taku-chan and his family did the rest of it. Oh well, next time, I CAN DO IT. hahaha Thanks a lot Taku-chan!

This is it!

The points that we made sure to make the compost is

  • Apply the boards vertically so the rain doesn’t stay
  • See what happens first by making just one, because we can always make the second one
  • Upper half of one of the four walls can be slid to open up so that it will be easy to take the mold leaf out

It gets full rally fast but shrinks really fast too. I don’t know when to stop adding leaves and kitchen garbages. Can someone teach me please?

I have a lot of leaves to collect.

The green leaves that you see is for example a kitchen garbage. Stuff that I can add to the compost can be a lot things like egg shell, grounded coffee, left over, kleenex tissues, and any organic matter.

I cannot wait to eat the garden-grown-vegetable in the next summer!


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