It's my new account!
It's my new account!

Join me on “NOM” the new streaming service!

Hey guys, it’s been so long for me to write a blog in English. How are you?

I used to update another blog “kenmia./Miso. English“. I was writing while we were on our around-the-world trip for more than 2 years.

Now I am back in Japan and trying to introduce Japanese food and culture, so I setup a new blog, Dirty Kitchen!

The kitchen that I am using right now is so clean and super big for the Japanese standard, but the kitchen at the house which I grew up at is old, small and honestly dirty looking. That’s how it is named. I did not expect to move to the current house when I named my blog and got this domain.

Other things that I am trying right now is NOM. You can stream live videos that are related to food. It’s perfect for me!

I have been trying out the functions but still not fully comfortable using it, like I was still streaming when I thought I pressed “done” shooting. →Watch the post.

One thing that I know for sure is that this is pretty exciting! I love this environment that people just talk about food and show their food.

It's my new account!
It’s my new account!

I have created my Dirty Kitchen channel. I have scheduled my stream to be on at 10am, March 12th. It’s 11:20 right now, so within less than 2 hours. Yay exciting. I will be streaming how I bake castella, sponge cake that Japanese people are familiar with, since the Portuguese brought it to Japan at the end of 16th century.


Oh hey, now I am finally serious about other kinds of SNS. Please follow me on my new looking SNS too!

English Blog: (Yes, this website that you are at now.)
Youtube: NOM:

☆Mainly in Japanese☆
Japanese Blog: (タケシゲミア)

There aren’t so many yet but there will be!


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