My name is Mia, welcome to my Dirty Kitchen blog!

I guess your kitchen is cleaner than mine.

Let’s not hide it, like every other family, my family got issues too. Our house is too small and old. I’ve never really invited my friends because of that. My dream is to renew parts of the house by myself. Until then, my kitchen will remain dirty!

Yet, I have a reason for opening a food blog despite the dirtiness of the kitchen.

My blog got influence from traveling

My husband and I had traveled around the world for 2 years until 2015.

One thing that made our travel unique and that probably brought me here to write the blog was miso, the Japanese traditional salty ingredient which is made of fermented soybeans. I carried miso around and cooked our soul food, miso soup, from miso where ever we went if I had people to serve to. It’s like a Southern Italian person carrying homemade tomato sauce to serve tomato pasta while traveling, isn’t it?

Serving miso soup was a great tool for me to communicate with the people and I found it a lot of fun. My journey became all about being in foreign food cultures and how to integrate miso with them.

Then, I realized that I had interests in not just traveling but also food, food in each small place in the world including my mom’s cooking.

Now that I am back in Japan with my own kitchen, well technically my parents’ but I can still use, I have opportunities to make lots of miso dishes and everyday-Japanese food to share with you.

Probably those who are curious about Japanese food culture and miso would find my blog fun to read. Enjoy!


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Kiss My English

I would like to take some time to write about my English.

Yes, English is my second language.

Learning English has been my life time project since the age of 19 when I first when to Ottawa, Canada to attend University. In Canada, as some of you have might already known, all the packages are written both in French and English. One day I was reading the French part on the package thinking it was in English. My English was that bad, not being able to tell French and English apart at a first glance.

Then one year later, my English became OK to a level where I could attend the classes with Canadian students. It’s been tough and fun.

Let me share one best lessen that I ever learned from my friend. If you have something that you want to share in your second of third or even fourth and fifth language, just write! A girl who made me believe this way is Helen, a Korean girl who grew up in Canada, gave me English lessons and taught me to KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!

Don’t bother using fancy words unless you are familiar with them. Keep the sentences short. Remember that your prime object is for your readers to understand what you are saying. So, anyone can write a blog in broken English if they wish to, but don’t forget to KISS! 😉